What’s a Learning Consultation?

Almost every student has experienced a slump at some point in their college career. Whether it’s a class that just doesn’t click or a semester where all time management plans go to the wind, being a college student can be difficult. The good news is, the Office of Student Success is here to guide you through the slumps so you can get the most out of school. 


Meet with Dr. Tharp for a Learning Consultation – a 30-45 minute conversation about where you’re struggling and what steps you can take. A Learning Consultation is tailored to fit your specific academic needs! Here are some examples:

  • Preparing for multiple choice exams
  • Memorization
  • Time Management
  • Study Organization
  • Note-taking
  • And more!


Fill out this form. It tells us a little about who you are as a student and in which areas you might be struggling. The more information you can provide the better (i.e. “I’m having trouble with managing the assignments for this particular class!”); but if you’re having difficulty articulating it (i.e. “I don’t know why, but it feels like every class is a struggle!”), that’s okay! After submitting your form, you’ll receive an email from Student Success to schedule a Learning Consultation.

What to Expect?

A Learning Consultation is a laid-back environment. Dr. Tharp will ask more about where you’re having trouble and work with you to brainstorm some practical steps to take. It’s a good idea to bring a notebook and pencil or a laptop for notes, but there is no pressure to have anything prepared. Learning Consultations are here to serve you!