Mid-Semester Reminder: Who to Talk with in Student Success

With six weeks of classes remaining in the fall semester, it may be a good time to consider the outcomes you’d like to see in each class and where you’re at right now. Is there a bit of a difference there? If so, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to want to improve with a few weeks remaining.

For some it may feel intimidating to think about current grades and where you’d like to be–especially if there’s a big difference between the two. Yet six weeks can contain a lot of opportunities to demonstrate your learning (and therefore a lot of points yet to be earned).

If you think this is a good idea, but you’re not quite sure where to start, consider meeting with one of us in Student Success, or the professor or FA in your courses. Below you’ll see a reminder about the areas on which we focus and our contact information as well.

Who should I meet with if I’m feeling overwhelmed in a specific class and I’m not sure where to start?

It will be best to meet with your professor or the Faculty Assistant (FA) for your course. Their contact information will be listed in your syllabus for the course. Set up a time to meet with them regarding the content of the course or questions about projects, readings, or even your finals.

Who should I meet with if I’m feeling overwhelmed in all of my classes and I’m not sure how to get back on track?

Schedule a time to meet with Dr. Jennifer Tharp (jtharp@tkc.edu), Assistant Dean for Student Academic Services and Director of Student Success. Dr. Tharp coaches students in areas such as managing competing priorities, strategies for getting things done, and perspectives on learning–including how to reduce or manage stress.

Who should I meet with if I haven’t been able to find a time to connect with the FA for my course and I need tutoring?

Contact Chris Josselyn (cjosselyn@tkc.edu), Assistant Director of Student Success, who can help you get connected with a tutor.

Who should I meet with if I want math tutoring?

Schedule a time to meet or attend review sessions with Chris Josselyn for math tutoring as well. Be sure to check your King’s email for the times and locations for math review sessions with your class, and reach out to Chris to schedule a time to meet if one-on-one or small group tutoring is preferred.

Who should I meet with if I want to confirm the courses I’m planning to take in the spring semester (and therefore have a schedule in mind to look forward to)?

Danise Stokeld (dstokeld@tkc.edu), Director of Academic Advising, meets with students to advise you on which classes to take according to your selected major/minor, or she can connect you with your assigned Advisor as well (if you’re a first-year or transfer student). Contact her if you have any questions before Spring 2019 registration begins next week.

We are here to support your learning and thriving, so we look forward to talking with you individually!