Mid-Semester Reflection Questions

At this mid-point in the fall semester, consider these questions for reflection on successes so far this semester and opportunities to improve in the remaining half of the semester.

Congratulations! As of today you have completed half of the semester. This will be shocking for students who feel the semester is flying by. It may feel like an alert to some who need to lean into coursework after a slower start. For others still it will feel like welcome news that you still have over seven weeks of opportunities to improve your learning or your grades in classes.

Regardless of where you’re at upon this mid-point in the semester, consider the following reflection questions that can help you know where you’re at and where you want to go with the rest of the semester.

1. In what ways have you been successful so far this semester?
2. How have you supported the success of others so far this semester?
3. What are three ways you could improve in the remaining half of the semester? Be specific.
4. How will you make these changes? Who will support you? When will you do each step?
5. What do you need to make these changes that you don’t currently have? Who can you talk to on campus who can help you with that?

Celebrate your answers to the first two questions, and be as specific as possible with your responses to the last three questions. After reflecting, talk to a roommate or your House Scholar about these areas of celebration and opportunities for improvement. Also reach out to Student Success if we can be of help as you consider how to improve for the remainder of the semester; we’re happy to help.