Anti-Distraction Apps

You might have found it more difficult to concentrate on your schoolwork since King’s transitioned to remote learning; the desire to be informed about updates, communicate with loved ones, or just find a bit of distraction are all entirely understandable.

Although our computers and phones can be fantastic tools for communicating with the world around us, they can also be difficult to put away when it’s time to concentrate. Sometimes, the desire to check breaking news or the latest TKC meme can be hard to overcome.

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and programs that can help keep you focused on learning in a challenging new environment. From total internet lockout to interval timed studying, below are just a few of the helpful programs that might help you.

Computer Based

  • SelfControl allows users to block or allow certain apps. Can’t be unlocked once started, up to 24 hours. (Mac only)
  • Freedom allows for total internet lockout.
  • AntiSocial allows for blocking of social media sites. (Paid app)
  • Cold Turkey allows for lots of customization to fit individual circumstances. Allows for breaks, soft options, or password access.


  • Appdetox is tailored for time limits set for individual apps.
  • Focus is a time management app for Apple products.
  • Screen Time Settings allows one to customize blocking from individual or groups of apps, provides feedback about usage, password protectable.

Interval Timing Apps

  • Focus Keeper Interval Timing app for iOs and Android devices.

Cheers to trying out a new approach that may help you stay focused in coursework and other tasks as well!