About King’s 101

King’s 101 is an online hub for academic and career development resources for students at The King’s College in New York City.

King’s, as an institution, facilitates its mission through offering a top quality liberal arts education through the lens of a biblical worldview, arranged in the heart of NYC where opportunity is present in all shapes and sizes.

Classes are challenging. Community life requires initiative. Navigating the City and all the opportunities presented in any given year benefit from discernment. Thus strategy and support are essential for making the most of the King’s experience.

Stated differently, using your resources is your job, and maximizing potential is ours– the Student Success and Career Development teams at King’s.

King’s 101 exists to support students in being good, brave, and ready as learners, as students, and as future value-creators in work. It’s our way of offering support, strategy, and encouragement no matter where you are in your King’s journey or in locale.

Please email studentsuccess@tkc.edu if you have any content requests, questions or comments.